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Join our mailing list    (Click on the logo to return to this page) is the only site on the internet solely devoted to the selling and dissemination of erotic art. Erotics Gallery has been uniquely devoted to the exhibition of erotic art for over twenty-two years. Founded in 1975, the gallery established a forum for promising contemporary artists as well as exhibiting erotica of historical significance. An eye-opening collection chronicles erotica from the nineteenth century to today.

Portrait of the Artist as an Erotic Master
Doug Johns, sculptor, considers himself a sexual surrealist, whose raison d'etre is to elevate sensuality and sexuality to an art form. His work is prominently featured in the Contemporary section and Jewelry section.

Bawdy Pleasures
Born in 1796 , Peter Fendi became a respectable artist of the old Viennese school; however, behind a formal mask the aristocracy of the times were given to vivacious ribaldry. The hedonistic atmosphere encouraged Fendi to produce 40 watercolors which depict a Bacchanalian atmosphere and are imbued with good humor and a sense of innocence. His work can be found in the Prints section.

The Back Room
The Back Room is a private museum section where you will find a rare collection of exciting, sensual, and "pornographic" works of art. Over the coming months we will expand it to make it one of the great museums of the world. Click Here to Subscribe...