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THE EROTIC MUSEUM IN BERLIN by Hans Jurgen Dopp. Parkstone Press. London. 2000. 10” x 13” DJ. 256p. 376 illustrations. A survey, with an abundance of images, of the Erotic Museum in Berlin. $55

THE EROTIC ARTS by Peter Webb. New York Graphic Society. Boston. 1975. 7” x 9.75” 514p. DJ. 276 illustrations. First US edition. An authoritative survey of erotica with the emphasis on the West. Peter Webb is a noted and well-known English art historian. Slight marring of the cover, but otherwise in good condition. $45

Ars EROTICA by Edward Lucie-Smith. Rizzoli. NY. 1977. 0.5” x 11.5” 192p. DJ. 175 illustrations. A look at the way in which perceptions of the erotic have changed at turning points in Western history with every kind of sexuality, from group to solitary, represented. $40
ROMANTIQUE Erotic Art of the Early 19th Century by Hans-Jurgen Dopp. Elephant & Mouse. Bearsville, NY. 2000. 11.25” x 12” 224p. Hard cover with DJ.
225 illustrations. An extensive collection of erotic prints and lithographs originating from the July Monarchy (1830-48), the period in which the new technique of lithography became widespread in France. $75

FORNICON by Tomi Ungerer. Grove Press. NY. 1969. 9.75” x 13” 61 plates. Heavy art stock. First printing. Folio of satirical portrayals of mechanized sex. Some scratches on the cover, but otherwise in fine condition. $90

ENGLISH EROTICISM by Piero Lorenzoni. Crescent Books. NY. 1984. 8.75” x 11” Hard cover with DJ. 96p. 94 illustrations. Survey of erotic art in England over several centuries. Mint condition. $55

EROS IN POMPEII The Secret Rooms of the National Museum of Naples. Text by Michael Grant. Wm. Morrow. NY. 1975. 9.5” x 11.5” Cloth cover with DJ. 171p. An expose of wall paintings, statues, and mosaics contained in the “hidden” erotica of Pompeii at the National Museum at Naples. $50
TANTRA The cult of ecstacy by Indra Sinha. Hamlyn. London. 2000. 8.5” x 11” Soft cover. 154p. A rare collection of erotic and Tantric literature and lavish illustrations from the classical, medieval and modern periods. A two thousand- year-old guide to the spiritual and erotic mysteries of Tantra. $20
LOTUS D’OR (Golden Lotus). M.R.A.H. - K.M.K.G. Brussels. 1993. 8” x 8” 59p. 18 works illustrated. Soft cover. Exhibition catalogue of the contemporary erotic art of Chinese artist ZHU XINJIAN. Text in French. $25
SHUNGA The Erotic Art of Japan by Marco Fagioli. Universe. NY. 1998. 9” x 10.75” 174p. 186 color illustrations. Hard cover with DJ. This book offers readers a collection of rare prints, highly informative captions, as well as text introducing the various periods and defining characteristics of the genre. $65

STRANGERS IN PARADISE: the Foreign Image in Japanese Art & Shunga by Richard Lane. Japan. 1998. 9.5” x 11.5” 151p. 46 color illustrations (some double page). 237 B/W illustrations. Soft cover with DJ. A book dealing with the when and how the Japanese first learned of the varied wonders of the Occident. Text in Japanese and English. $97

SHUNGA NETSUKE. Sagemonoya. Yabane Co.. Tokyo. 1999. 9” x 12” 40p. 99 photos. Soft cover. An overview of fine 18th and 19th century netsuke. Privately printed. Mint. $45

THE INTERNATIONAL MUSEUM OF EROTIC ART. San Francisco. 1973. 5.5” x 8.25” 64p. 58 illustrations. Soft wrap. Privately printed survey of the best items in the Kronhausen’s museum of Erotic Art in San Francisco, defunct since 1975. $10
THE JOURNAL OF EROTICA ADDRESS BOOK. Midsummer Books. London. 1993. 6” x 7.75” 33 illustrations. Hard cover. An address books featuring a collection of vintage photographs and illustrations from the 19th and early 20th
centuries. $15
EROTIC NEW YORK - A Guide to the Red Hot Apple. City & Company. New York. 1997. 4” x 6.5” 144p. Paperback. An interesting listing of erotic things to do in New York City. $13
VARGAS - 20s-50s. Taschen. Berlin. 1990. 9” x 12” 49 full page illustrations. Soft cover. A forty year overview of the pin-up illustrations by the famous Peruvian born artist, Alberto Vargas. $18
OLIVIA - Catalogue Raisonne, 1980-1995. Robert Bane Ltd. California. 1996. 9.25” x 15.25” DJ(slightly marred). 96p 149 illustrations. Fifteen years of Olivia’s giclees, lithographs, art posters and collector portfolios. $100
MYTHOLOGIE DU SEIN (Mythology of the Breast) with an introduction by Lo Duca. Jean-Jacques Pauvert. Paris. 1965. 7.25” x 7.25” 245p. Many illustrations covering the fields of art, photography, film, etc. on a subject that has fascinated humans for centuries. Text in French. $70

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