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Pan, the Greek goat god, son of Hermes, was the god of woods, fields, wild life, and fertility.  He is portrayed as having the body of a man but the ears, horns, and legs of a goat.  The name Pan signifies all so he came to be considered a representative of all the gods and of heathenism itself.
These four Vienna vice versa bronzes represent the god Pan.  Each is a fine hand-painted 20th century casting.                                                                                                         $1350.00 each
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A. Pan & Nymph - push the button and he
     drops down, 4.25"H x 4.75"W      
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B. Pan & Nymph on a swivel base, 3"H x
    2"W (approx.)  
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 C. Pan & Nymph with a bunch of grapes,
     3.25"H x 4.5"W
D. Pan & Nymph with loving birds,  3"H x
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