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    DOUG JOHNS, sculptor and designer, was born in 1939.  After receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from the University of Maine in 1964, he worked as a fiberglass engineer.  Later he formed his own company for the fabrication of art objects in plastic and fiberglass.  During this period, he executed sculptures for numerous artists, including Robert Morris, Robert Smithson, Tom Doyle, and Eva Hesse.
     The scope of Johns' sculpture ranges from the surreal to the hyper real and he uses such materials as fiberglass, polyester resin, wood, bronze, hydrostone or stonium with pearlescent translucent finishes, semi-precious stones, sterling silver, or gold
     Johns' work has been exhibited at many galleries and is in numerous private collections.

"Bust I" - Bronze. Edition: 15. Size:
  10"W x 8"H (excluding the base)

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