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The Golden Age of erotic art bronze vice versa sculptures was roughly from the 1880’s through the 1920’s.
Most were from Vienna, Austria and were made and hand-painted (polychromed) at the Bergman foundry.
The stamp of the Bergman foundry was Namgreb.
After WWII the foundry rekindled their bronze business often employing the orignal workers and
continuing to use the early molds from foundry sculptors.
Today the foundry has ceased to cast any of the erotic or naughty pieces.


“The Shiek” with a cat in his arms opens from a clasp on his coat to reveal a female nude
clinging to his naked body.
Size: 4.75”H x 3.75”W


“The Mummy” is a gold-plated female nude encased in a polychromed Egyptian sarcophagus
that opens on a hinged door.
Size: 8.5”H


“Adam and Eve” under the apple tree with the snake. Eve is plucking the apple with which to tempt Adam.
The couple rotate together when the ivory button on the back is pressed to release the spring mechanism.
Size: 6.25”H x 3”W

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