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Five Asian erotic art posters from the famous Kronhausen Museum of Erotic Art that was located in
San Francisco until 1975. At one time the Kronhausen collection was the largest collection of
erotic art in the world.

A. Ch’ing Dynasty - poster of an erotic couple on horseback from a Chinese painting on silk.
Image size: 11” x 12.5”

B. MASANOBU, c. 1740 - poster of a loving Japanese couple in a garden from a woodblock print.
Image size: 14” x 10.5”

C. HOKUSAI, c. 1840 - poster of a sated Japanese couple surrounded by a cat and a pair of sexy mice.
Image size: 14” x 19.5”

D. KORYUSAI, c. 1770 - poster of an erotic Japanese bath house scene from a woodblock print.
Image size: 14” x 9.5”

E. KANGETSU, 1747-1797 - Loving couple scene from a Japanese painted scroll.
Image size: 18.5” x 6”

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